Although your supply company may change, your utility company will continue to provide the same, reliable delivery service.

An Op2mize Energy solution can help you avoid spikes in energy rates, predict and budget for energy expenses, and mitigate against risk of rising energy costs

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With your strategic goals in mind, our team can expertly manage your energy RFPs.

Chicago electric bills to rise up to 18% in June under new Integrys deal. - Crains Chicago, 3/9/14

We will ensure that your energy solution is aligned with your strategic business goals.

Op2mize Energy is an energy advisory firm, with expertise in commercial energy procurement.  We serve our customers as an unbiased, third party, energy advocate.

Index rates are ideal for new business entities that needs to establish credit and usage with the benefit of ongoing real-time market monitoring and advice.

Because of our relationships with trusted supply partners, we are able to quickly deliver competitive pricing.

With expertise in commercial real estate, we go beyond just an energy rate to consider your total cost of occupancy.

Op2mize Energy “will help commercial real estate users increase efficiency, especially in deregulated energy markets like Illinois.” – Globe St 6/17/2013

There are unlimited ways we can customize an energy solution to ideally suit your business.

Through our energy advisory services Op2mize Energy can provide the benefits of an internal energy department.  Or if your company already has a dedicated energy staff, our consultative services can provide them with additional support.

Op2mize Energy “is positioned to significantly reduce what its customers spend on utilities while helping them to mitigate market risk.” – Illinois Real Estate Journal, 6/12/2013

You can choose to procure some or all of your energy via green energy solutions, helping you meet your company’s sustainability goals.

Op2mize Energy audits are free of charge.  All that is needed to get started is a copy of your utility bill.  Then we can start the evaluation process, determining what solutions might be best for you.

Through relationships with top retail energy suppliers (RES), Op2mize is able to provide competitive energy procurement proposals, examining intricacies and specifics of contracts and negotiating all components.

A new report says electricity deregulation has saved Illinois customers up to $37 billion over the past 16 years. - 3/3/14

Op2mize Energy works with customers to customize energy solutions optimal for their business, aligning energy plans with strategic business goals.

Fixed rates help you: - Avoid spikes in energy rates - Predict and budget for energy expenses - Mitigate against risk of rising energy costs

For companies with multiple locations and bills, consolidating under an aggregation solution can not only help lower your rate, but can also greatly simplify your payment process.

9/17/2015 - PJM posted the capacity performance results through 2018 this month, and consumers can expect to see their rates increase. Following the auction, capacity now represents a little less than a quarter of an energy supply rate. And this is a change that all consumers should be aware of as they budget for future energy expenditures.

We provide complete transparency in our price analysis, and deliver an “apples-to-apples” comparison of rates and contract terms, providing a straightforward view of your potential energy supply costs.

We assess current and planned energy consumption beyond just your energy rate, taking into consideration a variety of factors that could impact your energy plan.  Is your company growing and adding new equipment?  Are you opening a facility in a new location? Does your company have the ability to take advantage of off-peak use?  We look at your energy procurement from every angle, so no opportunity is missed.

Energy markets are volatile and change hourly.  We monitor markets in real-time to ensure the best value for our customers. If your company isn’t reviewing your energy procurement on an ongoing basis, you could be missing out on market opportunities.

We utilize market expertise to efficiently negotiate contracts on your behalf, examining intricacies and specifics of all components.

We will act as your unbiased, third-party, energy advocate, monitoring markets in real-time to ensure that you are prepared to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.